At Rapha Family medicine we facilitate your care across the health care continuum; between other specialists, hospital services, community services, and with your family. Our team of healthcare professionals will get to know your current health issues and family history to ensure that you receive the best care possible.

We provide equal access to all patients. Any patient without medical insurance will be referred to GBUAHN health navigators to help them explore other available options.

We are committed to delivering whole person care for all stages of life: acute care, preventive care, chronic care, and end of life planning. Our team of healthcare professionals will ensure that all your needs are addressed, including behavioral. Also we provide self-management support to our patients. Our staff will avail you with the tools, training, and education needed to successfully manage their health.

Our team are approach is guided by evidence based practice. We integrate the best available scientific knowledge and clinical expertise in our patient care.

CDC Diabetes Prevention is a 12 months instructor led program  for diabetic lifestyle intervention.

Courtesy Van helping with transportation needs for Medicaid patient.